POS or Point of Sales is the channel used to process transactions from customers. Traditionally, the cash register has been the POS channel for retailers. However, with advance technologies, the cash register has largely been replaced with electronic POS terminals that could conveniently process credit cards and debit cards as well as cash transactions.

Software for POS devices are growing increasingly sophisticated, with features that allow retailers to monitor inventories and buying trends, track pricing accuracy, and collect marketing data.


Benefits of NoQue’s POS Systems

Easy to Use

  • - Our POS System is designed with interface, which is user friendly, practical, and easy to use.

Facilitate the payment process and inventory management

  • - Customers can enjoy a contactless ordering and payment system.
  • - Inventories are digitally and accurately monitored.

Secured database and system

  • - All information on transactions that occurs are recorded and stored securely.
  • - Our POS systems able to prevent the occurrence of deviations among internal employees and outside parties.